What I’ll not miss. . . and what I will

Upon reflecting the concept of leaving America:

These are the things I won’t miss:

10) Freshly waxed F-350’s that have never once had anything heavier than a meijer bag in the bed.
9) The NRA.
8) Sarah Palin, she is, in effect, illegal in Denmark.
7) The insistence on the viability of trickle-down economics.
6) Obvious and disheartening signs of poverty.
5) “Choose Life” bumper stickers.
4) Sport Utility Vehicles that have never left the road.
3) Church signs with terrible puns.
2) Questionable bums at off ramps.
1) Fox News being considered a serious source of news.

Things I will miss, aside from the obvious reference to friends and family:

8) Inexpensive gas. (Cry me a river at $3.79, it’s a third of what the rest of the developed world pays.)
7) What seems like limitless space.
6) Free refills.
5) Talking to strangers.
4) Unending beer selection.
3) Toilet paper crafted from trees harvested from virgin rain forrests. (ITS SO SOFT, that’s the soul of our planet caressing me as it gasps its last)
2) Pleasant waitstaff.
1) Being able to grocery shop at 2am.


How did I get here?

I just read a press release from Representative Candice Miller. She is supporting a block on proposed IRS rules regarding 501(c)(4). . . It is funny that it is somehow an issue of free speech, when 501(c)(4) are the home of anonymous donations. . . You have no idea who is behind the “speech” you are seeing on TV folks.

It would seem to me for something to be considered “free speech,” it should have some sort of name attached to the speaker. You are free to speak, no matter what. . . If money is speech, then we should see the trail. Your voice is yours, but you cannot raise your voice without showing your face. Conservatives love to harp on the administration for a lack of transparency, but it would really seem that the least transparent part of our political system exists OUTSIDE Washington. Political speech should not be anonymous. “Issue ads” are political speech!

Congress, why not doing something useful for a change? Make your owners public. Then the PUBLIC will know why you are so shitty at looking out for their best interest.  Gee, I wonder why all this “right to work” stuff is on TV?? Oh wait, union-fearing corporations are telling you that you don’t need representation. . . Oh wait, oil companies are behind those fracking ads telling you its safe and your yellow water is perfectly “natural”. . Look what lacking regulation does here folks. You are made to believe that everything is so tightly regulated. . . 300,000 West Virginia residents were exposed to poisonous water because a chemical company doesn’t get inspected but for once every few years. . . The financial industry DESTROYED the UNITED STATES economy because apparently it’s a good idea to give a $250k mortgage on a 3-1 arm to a person who makes $27k a year (I was offered $225k when making $38k/year) and then package those loans as AAA-rated securities with an average fail rate of 2% (ok, it was 20%, but who cares, right?  The taxpayer will just pick up the tab)  But yeah, it’s ok. Let’s worry about making sure people trying to hide can keep hiding instead of actual problems.

Good day.

Is it hard to be a(n) __________ in the United States?

So who’s being picked on in the Tragic Kingdom?  If you believe the Fox News and talk radio, there’s a “War on Christmas” and if you ask the left, there’s a “War on Women”. . .  While I have every faith that the wrong people in the world are making choices about women’s health (men, for example), it is the usage of the word “war” that bothers me. 

It makes me think an awful lot about the idea that people seem pretty put-on by everyone about everything.  Christians, according to Pew, comprise 79% of the population, but if the radio is any indications, it is impossible to be a Christian in America without the ever-present thumb of oppression pressing down on you.  That being said, it would seem, in my research on the subject, that atheists feel the same level of oppression from the religious majority. . . 

So, what is the source of this victim mentality?  I originally thought it was merely a ploy to increase revenue or was a function of religion itself, but in the light of all these “wars,” I have to think that there is something else behind the perception of oppression.  

Over the course of the year, I would like to re-examine the nature of the feeling of being oppressed.  I would love to have the feedback form all sides of this.  I would like to know why you feel that you are picked on, who picks on you, and what it has cost you to hold your beliefs. . . 

The Death of My Interest in Facebook. . .

I have long loved the time-wasting capacity of the world of Facebook.  I have loved to see the pictures of friends and their dinner (no seriously, I love food pics).  I have come to the conclusion however that it is also a place that I go to get mad.  I can’t stand the constant complaints, general negativity, and above all, the ability to hijack one’s home page whilst changing the subject away from the original thought. . . I also cannot take the constant sharing of misinformation, be it from the Left or the Right (mostly the right. . . Planned Parenthood isn’t forcing abortion on South American childred, and Obama is the world’s worst Socialist. . . No seriously, if he’s a socialist, he fucking sucks at it people).

So I have decided to take a break.  I frankly want to say what I want to say, and I don’t want to censor myself, and I don’t want my thoughts about waste to be turned in to an argument regarding the sanctity of life . . . . It is also the reason this is authored under a pen name.  I really don’t want my name associated with my own thoughts.  While I am in now way ashamed of what I think, I have learned from a certain Duck Dynasty Douche Bag that your words may be free, but your ass not covered from the consequences of your words. . . Employers look down on asshole employees with asshole opinions. 

So, I hope to see some of my old friends here. . . If not, oh well. 


-Robert Hume